American Pharmacists Month

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) designates October as American Pharmacists Month to recognize the critical role pharmacists play in healthcare and their broader communities. At Free Market Health, we understand and appreciate the immense value that pharmacists bring to their job every day, whether that’s within a clinical, managed care, administration or technology setting. We’re proud to have several pharmacists working in various departments within Free Market Health. Continue reading to discover how some of our pharmacists utilize their expertise to thrive in their respective roles. 

Emily Andrascik

Emily A FINALAs a customer success manager at Free Market Health, I rely on various pharmacist skills daily when interacting with our customers which are our participating specialty pharmacies. My “customers” may be a different audience than they were in a previous, more traditional pharmacist role, but I’m still able to utilize my skill set to best serve patients. Empathy towards those who are facing a life-altering diagnosis is a fundamental principle I have carried throughout my career. Even though there are numerous “non-pharmacist” responsibilities involved in my current role, I never lose sight that there is a member at the end of each referral. Having a close family member experience the complex specialty drug world first-hand continually drives me to improve the experience for others. The improvements FMH is making in the specialty space are so exciting, and I am proud to be included in this revolutionary change for members.  

Ranna Hoffman 

Ranna HAs a pharmacist, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of pharmacy settings, and that experience has equipped me with a deep understanding of the specialty pharmacy ecosystem. My experience in pharmacy has also instilled strong attention to detail, adherence to regulations, and commitment to patient safety. In my role as director of network strategy, I communicate with our customers, specialty pharmacies, to understand their needs and identify any challenges with the goal of supporting their growth with Free Market Health.  Ultimately, my unique perspective as a pharmacist brings valuable insights to the team and enhances our company’s ability to make a meaningful impact on our mission—to never let the process fail the patient. 

Justin Baselice

Justin B

I use my skills as a pharmacist in my role as senior client services manager to develop and implement various clinical programs in collaboration with clients to improve member health outcomes. One of the most recent clinical collaborations that required my pharmacy expertise was supporting a social determinants of health initiative that enables specialty pharmacies to play a key role in identifying SDoH barriers and facilitating access to support. Being a pharmacist has also prepared me to quickly resolve multiple matters simultaneously to ensure the healthcare process never fails the patient. 



Brooke DeFosse

Brooke D FINALAs director of operations at Free Market Health, I utilize my knowledge as a pharmacist to ensure members receive their specialty medications in a timely manner from the best fit pharmacy. I utilize my pharmacist communication skillset to understand and problem solve any issues or barriers that specialty pharmacies may encounter during the member onboarding process. Having direct pharmacy experience and knowledge allows me to understand the nuances that specialty pharmacies face every day as they are trying to effectively and efficiently care for their patients.